Airborne Ranger

Submitted by A Dum on Sun, 03/02/2008 - 18:50
On Friday mi hermano y yo leaped into Hylite for a quick run up to Cleo?s but found a team breaking a fine trail ahead of us with the same objective in mind. To our surprise there was more than just Cleo's to accommodate two parties. Airborne Ranger is making a fine showing at the moment, hanging proudly all the way down with a very fat upper section making this climb a 5+ gem of great challenging ice. This is one not to miss if you are in the neighborhood.

Thanks Adam for the post. On your call Pat Wolfe and I went to visit Airborne Ranger and found it to be as you described. Super fat and not too juicy. It was a pleasure to draft week old placements and have the confidence the ice has been tested. [img][/img] Pat on the first pitch. Even though we are only 5% above average for snow it feels biblical phat in comparison to the past few years. The first cliff is buried. [img][/img] The pillar has reformed from the Alex shear line and is very solid (and will be so for another week or so). [img][/img] We took snow shoes after reading Adam and Eric?s post about the deluxe trail. It has snowed much in the ensuing days! We were up to our waists post-holing. We should have taken skis. This fellow made his fruit boots out of a pair of baseball cleats. A bit of motivation for you young guys to get creative with an old pair of crampons and whatever boot you might find.