Silver Falls update

Submitted by alex on Sun, 01/02/2005 - 22:31
We climbed Silver Falls on Sat. afternoon Jan. 1. It is in big and mostly solid except for the top third when the angle kicks back. I suppose this is typical for this climb because of the high volume of water. The top center was thin. I punched all the way through the ice a few times with my tools or crampons and got a look at the water flowing underneath. Sticking to the edge offered slightly more solid ice (where the ice touches the rock. We climbed the right side and rappelled the left, which also sounded hollow at the top. We found a bootpack most of the way up and we walked to the falls in about 50 minutes from the Pine Edge Cabins. If it snows a lot, and the bootpack gets covered, snowshoes or skis will be necessary.