Hyalite Road Access Update & Immediate Action Step!

Submitted by JoJo on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 11:17

I'm sure everyone is as stoked as I about the good ice climbing going on up Hyalite right now as well as the new powder. Of course, all the snow begs the question about the Hyalite Road #62 plowing program. The Gallatin National Forest and Gallatin County recently signed a contract for the plowing. This is great news. With the addition of the guard rails this summer (thanks to the Stimulus package) we have taken a huge step toward maintaining consistent access to the world class ice climbing and skiing up Hyalite.

The contract, however, states that the plowing will start December 1st. As we all know from past experience, the road can be completely shut down by that date if the snow and wind keeps up. Furthermore, we also learned last year that the earlier the County crews hit it with a plow, the easier and cheaper it is for them in the long run/

According to Jose Castro, the Bozeman District Ranger, "the cost-share master agreement does not allow for variation due to the financial and legal implications for this winter." Thus it doesn't look like we will be able to get any plowing done before December 1st, even though the County has expressed an interest in beginning earlier. So in the mean time, I urge all of you to enjoy Hyalite, travel safely, carry a shovel, drive slowly and help avoid any accidents or incidents.


Joe Josephson