Any new beta on Missoula Ice?

Submitted by Kasey on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 20:32

Hey guys! I'm headed up to Missoula for some Ice on Sunday. I was wondering what the conditions are like for any of the areas nearby. Anyone been up on anything lately?


I was thinking either swan slabs or lake como would be good. especially after this cold snap. we are taking a few beginners and I wanted to do something appropriate. Anyone climb at either place lately?

Swan slabs is pretty much always fine unless its covered in snow.  I haven't heard anything on lake como ice recently, but its a pretty good long approach (fairly easy and flat though) for not a ton of ice.  Cascade falls is less than 90mins from Missoula and would be super fun regardless of who is climbing.  Finley is doing ok, def lots of ice on stuff for the beginners.  You need the permit there or risk a ticket.  Depending on how many you have, cascade would be the best I think.

You could setup a TR at cascade on the last pitch by walking the iron mtn trail to the over look then walking the creek a very short distance.  You'd have to rap in after setting it up.  Without screws no way to do swan slabs on TR.  Your best bet would probably be going to finley and doing thing in between; it has an easy walk around and a bolted anchor.

Thanks for the heads up about finley. Thing in between was perfect. It was deffinately wet today, but it was in good shape. There is a fun mixed variation on the left that made for a good time too. Thanks again!


Swan slabs was in great today, nice and dry, but bring some short screws as some of the ice wouldnt take a 16cm. also from across the canyon, blodgett falls looked fantastic and humoungous, although i didnt venture over there.