Blodgett Ice

Submitted by conor on Sun, 02/07/2010 - 10:29
Went out to blodgett on saturday, febuary 7th. climbed the swan slabs in three pitches, all very good ice with plenty there for some v threads and never hit rock. the flow on the south side and to the east of swan is also in, same ice quality. on our descent from swan, my partner and i heard a loud bang, and looked up to see the whole upper half of blodgett falls break off and fall. my guess is that the falls wont be in for awhile now. be careful when it does come in, that was a lot of ice falling.

 I was down in Blodgett on saturday 12-4-10 and  climbed the swan slabs. It is really thin, some sections with no ice and a whole lot of rhime/snice. It actually felt like a harder route.  Very exciting lead, but i think it will be fully formed and much easier in a couple of weeks, or in the next big cold snap. Surprisingly Blodgett falls looked huge and really fat, strange since the slabs arent even in. The small flow near swan was nowhere to be found, probably a few weeks for that. There is quite a bit of ice forming on the south facing side of the canyon that I've never seen before, some looks like it would be fun, but very hard. It's going to be a good year!

 Went out to blodgett today, and tried to climb Blodgett Falls, its fat at the base thin and pretty hollow at the top.  The Sun came out And turned the falls into a wet mess, be careful and cautious until colder temps come.

Swam Slabs are looking Great!

Happy Climbing!