Submitted by Bob on Wed, 02/02/2005 - 20:23
Hmm, for anyone on the search for ice, Glacier Park is indeed the tresure chest. At least up high, last weekend I was up high and saw a good deal, and I would venture a guess and say Six Pack is in along with the climbs on Burecrat Buttress. Get out and climb, the travel conditions right now are top notch, climbing in the park right now is where it's at. This weekend I'll be up there, and I'll be stoked to see anyone else out exploring, so come one come all and climb some super rad longer climbs, with top notch conditions for climbing.

Bob. I was up in Snyder this past weekend. We climbed a small pillar on the right hand side of Brainstem. It was very wet and I wouldn't think it would withstand many more warm days. The cold nights might be helping though. Controlled burn looked like consolidated snow and No Fires was not in. We did get a few glances at Six Pack and it's looks great! Now is the time to get on that thing. Overall the north facing stuff is there, the south facing climbs have headed south. The trail is mostly dry, or packed, all the way to the lake. We carried snow shoes for the last bit and I would recomend something along those lines. Have fun!!