Mission Falls

Submitted by rockclimber616 on Mon, 11/29/2010 - 19:25

 Mission Falls is not just in yet,(as of 10-21-10) ice bridge is forming  and ice is forming nicely!  Pray for cold temps!

10-21-10: was that a typo? has anyone been up there since october?

I'm planning on going up there saturday so I'll be sure to report on the conditions

 Tried to go to mission falls saturday morning. tracks along the road stopped at the end of the lake, probably about a mile from the trailhead, and with 18" to 24" of snow on the road  our 1990 4x4 izuzu trooper couldnt get through; we had to dig it out and push a bunch just to get it turned around. Since we neglected to bring snowshoes or skis and didnt feel like adding an extra mile of post holing to the already long approach we decided to head back and go to finley. If someone with a big/powerful enough car could get through and make tracks all the way to the trailhead it would be much appreciated and id be happy to buy him a beer. 

 Went to Mission Falls Friday (12-10-10).  Punched a track to the parking lot.  Snow is deep and wet.  Chains are a must or a burley rig.  Post holed in knee deep snow to the climbs.  Everything is in.  Now go climb and help beat in the road and trail.   

climbed sunday (2-7-11) everything is in.  Trail is good a but icy in spots.  The road is ok with four wheel drive and a little clearance.