Mission 12/11/2010

Submitted by jsemm on Sun, 12/12/2010 - 08:20

All main features at Mission are in, although the bottom of the hourglass was thin or not there.  Two parties climbed three different routes in the gully.  Some parts were pretty thin but each route went all the way up.  Whisper is in as well.

That said, it is raining in Missoula this morning and the bridge crossing was dicy.  We calved a door sized piece coming back. 

We drove a Nissan Frontier pickup with 4 chains all the way to the trailhead and it too was dicy.  There were many opportunities for getting high centered.  The road is tough going.  We had all the accoutrements for pulling out stuck vehicles and we intended to push it.

The trail also is tough going but greatly improved after the tracks of 4 walkers and two skiiers.  The next 4 days have rain and snow in the forecast.


I think we saw you were you with JJ. I was in with Mike Kellogg on sun 1/23/11 lots of melt since dec. wisper looker OK chains required we climbed the hour glass traversed from wisper and rapped down(rope stuck in top of tree) decended H Glass gully another rap to creek and bushwack down crek and the up 2 trail great adventure. The rap webbing was very old this one does not get done much. Up2ztop