Submitted by greenbronco on Sat, 01/22/2011 - 20:42

The main wall at Koocanusa is in today.  The top is a little thin and detached.  There is alot of water running down the whole wall.  If it gets cold again there will be alot of ice forming fast. 

I drove up and checked Sutton Falls last weekend.  It is out, center section broke off with the warm weather.

 Had a great day on the road cuts as well.  For how warm it was (45F) when we left - it was good climbing.  

We went up Boulder Canyon first, but there was absolutely nothing there to climb.  Literally nothing.

 It has been in since book came out, but it not every year, that is for sure.

Spent a nice, solitary Soloist afernoon at the roadcuts at Kooc.  Lots of fat lines to be had.  The big drip is as good as it's been all year, and there is even a nice, long thinner line next to it.  The sun hits the wall around 4pm now.  Skip the morning delight with the old lady and get up there early.