Climbing in Avalanche Basin

Submitted by telemon on Sun, 12/18/2011 - 19:24

Miscreant was climbed last week by two Flathead Valley locals.

Memorandum is the line in the center of the photo, Miscreant is to the right.

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I wish it had only been four years since we climbed that route but I think it was actually 2003. We had not seen it formed before that. If I remember correctly, Chris and I made an attempt in mixed conditions but could not make it go. Ryan and I went back a couple of weeks later and found much more ice. We call that route The Miscreant and have no knowledge of a prior ascent, but who knows. I'll attach a couple of pix. I have no excuse for the poor photo quality or for the one-piece suit. It was already old then but I still have it. Might be time to dig it out and toss it. Cheers.