Cooke City Conditions

Submitted by brianmulvi on Tue, 11/15/2005 - 11:06
Stayed in Cooke City last weekend Nov.12th 13th. More of a getting familiar with the area trip for me. Sure there was nothing in shape to get on. Walked up to Silver Gate Climbs, Center and Right. Both in ultra thin shape. Center was formed to the ground, the size of a telephone pole. On drive home could see Barronette Falls and Dancing with the hippo from the pullout. Looked thin even in the blizzard conditions. Could not see Abiathar Peak in blizzard. Walked into Ice Box canyon. Could have tooled around on a few of the flows in the canyon. Still waiting. P.S. the Pine Edge cabins in Silver Gate are very comfy and would provide a great base camp for the area. more driving than climbing, Brian

Thanks for the Cooke City update, Brian...good on you for mentioning the Pine Edge Cabins. The fine folks at the Pine Edge Cabins, Bob, Holly and Kate, cater to ice climbers, skiiers, and other "self-propelled" recreationists looking to enjoy the beatuiful backcountry surrounding Silvergate and Cooke City. The cabins are neat and cozy with full kitchens, plus they have a general store with some basic supplies...check it out at Chris Naumann