Badrock Canyon

Submitted by Baker on Wed, 01/04/2006 - 16:24
Saw a picture of a guy climbing on ice there. Does anyone have any info?

well i've climbed there a bit... i used to live in whitefish and would head up to badrock canyon after work! on your way out of c. falls head to hungry horse. you will be on hwy 2 headed east. just as you enter the canyon you will notice a water pipe spilling out controversial potable / non potable water. with a historic marker there. you can also denote the area as some locals douse the ice with food coloring or dye??? anyway the climbs are farmed ice. there used to be two nice climbs apx 20ft high... seems like only one has formed in the past. anyway the climb is nestled up and to the left through some trees. 5 min hike tops! easy top rope or wi 3 or so... there is also a cool climb across the river. its south facing and disappears fast. to access this climb cross the middle fork of the flathead. sometimes freezes allowing one to cross. otherwise some type of boat or to if you want to hike in. go to coram (further east on hwy 2) and look for the train trussle. you can cross there and its an easy hike from there. there are many drips on the way to glacier and beyond! easy access in essex. drive to the izzak walton inn and hike the tracks east and just after the avalanche shed there is a drip there... have fun! daver