Eureka To Canada

Submitted by rockclimber616 on Tue, 02/06/2007 - 11:59
I recently heard of a climb just passed the Roosevelt border in to canada, I was wondering if any one knows anything about this. I could use some help! Thanx

If it?s the one I?m thinking of (you can see it for a moment on the road) it?s in drainage behind and just to the south of a ranch house on the east side of the road, and yes it is on privet land. We received permission to climb it several years ago and I remember thinking at the time how odd it was that it looked so much bigger from the road then it did when we got to the base of it! It?s all of perhaps 45? and an easy WI3. Additionally, as for Icebox it?s after Hwy. 2 crosses over the tracks and down on the flats on your right. You?ll have to park at the pull-off just before the bridge that go over the tracks and walk south on the shoulder till you see the creek that flows from the canyon. If your up Eureka way, checkout the many formations along the road out at the reservoir. Also Sutton Falls was in as of 02-03. Cheers, Pony