Beartooths Route Log Book

Submitted by Highlandtravler on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 21:24
I heard that there is a Beartooth route log book at the local climbing gym in Billings. Just wanted to know if this is true and hear a little bit about it. For instance, is it up to date, and what areas does it include? Thanks

True. We posted this on the message board last year, which you can find on the board archives... . . . [i]There is now a route log book for the Billings / Beartooth area ready for submittals and perusal. You can find it at Steepworld Climbing Gym located at 208 N. 13th Street in Billings (406-25CLIMB).[/i] Right now it covers beartooth pass to the west rosebud drainage. You can email me with any questions or submittals: andejoe1(at)iit(dot)edu