Conditions 11/12

Submitted by Silvertip Moun… on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 18:25
Things are looking up with colder temperatures all week. Everything is starting to form I got out this week on this. [img][/img] It is a fun WI3 in good shape (thin) that gets buried later with snow. The last couple of warm days got everything flowing. Conditions will just get better! Jay

Has anyone looked at Marlboro Madness on Abiathar. My guess is it would be in and good to go, although the first pitch can be spicy at times early season. It is an awesome route and very much worth it.

Jay, I may be up in the area this weekend, could you share what route your pic is from? If it's not in JoJo's book, could you also post a description of the route and how to get there? Thanks! Taylor

Cold temps are here! Two days of rain below 8,000 then over a foot of snow up high followed by cold temps will have things looking up. H-Monster is forming! Silver Gate climbs are forming! Barronette is looking better. Marboro was climbed before this last warm spell. Everything is thin. Taylor, the route in the photo is buried now. The climbing is not great yet but should be better by the weekend? Jay