Hyalite Road Etiquette

Submitted by JoJo on Thu, 01/03/2008 - 09:51
[i]Attention skiers, climbers, hikers, fishermen and women, Sunday drivers and all other family-oriented winter recreationalists,[/i] Having the Hyalite Road plowed is a gift. If we want this continued in the future, it is our responsibility to make Hyalite a safe and enjoyable place for all. [i]Please post your experiences and any reports you might have on the current state of the road conditions. Thank you in advance.[/i] [b] SOME BASIC GUIDELINES that will help us all out in the long run.[/b] [b]* [/b]If someone else is stuck or otherwise in trouble, help your neighbor. [b]* [/b]Always carry a shovel or two in your vehicle when driving the Hyalite Road. It is not uncommon to get one or two tires stuck. A shovel solves this quickly and turns an all day epic into a few minutes of digging. [b]* [/b]AWD/4WD and or snow tires is recommended. Difficult winter driving conditions exist beyond the Reservoir so please do not attempt to drive beyond Blackmore without a shovel, the proper vehicle and driving skills. [b]* [/b]Below the Reservoir please drive slow (25 mph max) and be super careful going around the many blind corners. Some are solid ice. [b]* [/b][i]Stay on your side of the road.[/i] [b]* [/b]Above the Reservoir please drive even slower (20 mph max) and watch closely for oncoming traffic. [i]Slow down, if not stop, to allow cars passing opposite directions.[/i] [b]* [/b]Beyond Blackmore, no parking is allowed on the main road except at the Grotto Falls Parking Lot. [b]* [/b]Spread the word and ask, if not demand, your fellow traveler(s) to be responsible. Thank you all for your continued efforts, love and support of Hyalite winter recreation. _____ www.hyalite.org