Mt. Brown conditions?

Submitted by duckfeet08 on Fri, 10/24/2008 - 18:27

Anyone been up that direction this year or have a thought as to the conditions on the Mt. Brown gullies?

We went up the right hand gulley on Brown today, climbed over 1,400 feet off the valley floor to just under 5,000 and the ice started around 5,500.  We could see it above us but my partner had a stomach bug & barfed, so we did a 180 and headed down.  With a little cold weather, it will be in soon.  There were some good formations up above us.
I do want to climb in the Snyder basin this fall before the snow flies.  Based on what I saw today I am going to head in there in the next 2-3 weeks if we get some cold weather.  Drop me a note if you want to get in there before the snow files.


I was in Canmore climbing last Monday - Thursday, did Sinus Gulley in Stanley Headwall, R & D @ Ranger Creek and the Ross Lake Headwall, all have long approaches this time of year. 

Left gulley has alot of water flowing,not much ice until up high.  Middle gulley has ice, but not the normal.  Seems like it has less water flow, but more ice than left gulley.

May be stating the obvious, but was up around the gullies today...not in...but did see some ice forming in other north facing areas, so that is a good sign

Went up to about 6,000 today, it was pretty good above 5,000 and OK from about 4,500 on up.  Better than this time last year.