Ice and snow conditions Avalanche Lake

Submitted by KID on Sat, 11/22/2008 - 10:13

Snow line is at 4,000 ft.  2 inches at the lake and 8-12 inches at 6,500 ft.  Ice is forming in the Northeast and North Aspects and is very thin.  Monument Falls has ice from top to bottom and is also thin.  Thicker formations at higher elevations on the North East aspects with some large curtains forming with a few narrow drips. Road is still open to avalanche Trail head.  The snow is cold and dry with heavy winds yesterday.  There was alot of wind transport yesterday with alot of spin drift avalanche activity at the higher elevations.  There is no base at lower elevations but the ground was cold when the snow fell.  There are no formations on Mt Cannon, and the Mt Brown gullies have very little ice. I will go into Snyder Basin in a few days to see how things are doing there.