11/24 Silver Gate/Yellowstone conditions

Submitted by Silvertip Moun… on Mon, 11/24/2008 - 13:53

Here is the long awaited Cooke City/Silver Gate update…I have had a lot of calls and emails.



Things are looking much improved from the last couple of weeks.

There have finally been some cold temperatures so ice is coming in everywhere.

I think we are set for the season now!


There is over two feet of snow above 8,000 feet in the shade


Anything in direct afternoon sun is not looking good.


Here’s what looks good now (11/24)


Practice Area thin

Silver Gate Climbs (right, center, left) thin

Park Gate thin

Marboro Madness thin

Barronette Falls in

Dancing With the Hippo (looks good)

I am sure Hydromonster is in as well but have not been up to it.


A note of caution: Exits can be scary this time of year and The Bears are still active, adding extra adventure to approaches.



Saturday the 29th I will be having an open house in Silver Gate with Free wine, beer, and snacks from 3-8pm, come in to say hi, get beta and tell me about your adventures.