Submitted by pc on Fri, 05/15/2009 - 18:12


Pinnacles Area, Bridger Range. I've heard the name "Mordor" for this line.

Approach: From BB base area, up Slushman's return road past the bottom of Slushman's, then continuing south beneath the east face of Saddle Peak. Skinned up through some trees on the far south edge of Argentina Bowl to gain the Ridge.

Avalanche considerations: Three to four inches of high density new snow over supportable corn base. Surprisingly well adhered, with only a few snowballs moving with ski cutting and small cornice drops.

Technical considerations: One rappel with 2 60m ropes from large dead tree in protected alcove, skier's left just above the pinch. Anchor material is two pieces of 7mm cord with rap rings, installed 5-15-09. Likely down-climbable or skiable during times of exceptional snow coverage. 

Attached arial photo was taken in April of 2008.