East Rosebud

Submitted by rusty on Sun, 12/06/2009 - 16:19

I went to California ice Thursday morning, the approach ice was in terrible shape and the headwall had a lot of rock showing but climbable. All the other climbs (up & down canyon)that I could see were also thin. Ice Dragons however looked fat. Saturday I met some friends at Silver Falls and it is in huge.

Went up to Cali ice on Dec. 19th and she was big and fat.  The approach ice was in great shape and provided for a great warm up.  Fun, long day out in the Beartooths!...four days later and my feet still hurt :)

A group of us went and climbed California ice on Tuesday (1/19).  The approach was perfect ice to the headwall and the headwall was fat.  We took the climb to the plateau and walked (dug a trench) down into spread creek and back to the car.  We also climbed Hellroaring falls and Falls between, both in great shape. Cheers, Loren

Glad you had a good trip b-flow! Wish I could have been there with you guys.

Anyone been up to California Ice recently?  Sounds like it was in great shape about a month ago, just wondering if conditions have changed drastically since then.



Climbed Spagetti Falls and Upper Rosebud Falls on 2/27/10.  The was solid and not too brittle. The snow in the gullies of the approaches was kind of scary, with some fresh snow it wouldn't take much to slide.  Cali looked huge from the trail.

Any one been to Cali Ice recently.  I'm thinking about going and would like to know what it's like now.  I was there last year in early to mid March and it was huge.  Just wondering what the ice and snow conditions are like.




Went there on 3/18. the approach ice is still good, no snow until about halfway up the drainage. the ice was still good. the second pitch was starting to get sun rotted but not bad yet .go while there is still time


Doug and I went up to Cali Ice yesterday (Sunday, April 11).  We found the approach to have some snow cover which was not bad, minimal postholing, but provided for better traction than pure ice.  Once at the main flow we found it in good condition.  The top was not mushroomed.  Pitch 1 solid w/ sticky/barely-spring ice and good screw placement.  Pitch 2 is starting to get some meltage, especially left, and this is where it went bad for me.  I led the second pitch and worked too far left tried to avoid some drippage.  I got pumped out and had 1 controlled short fall without injury, but on going up to retrieve an ice tool from the first fall I fell again and this one was less than pretty.  Fell about 20 feet on the previously ripped out screamer which held beautifully as did the screw (thank you BD and YATES).  I torqued my left ankle (ended up with a slight fracture of distal tibia) and we had to descend.  I was out of climbing shape as had let several weeks pass without being on the ice and had not maintained as good of condition as I ought.  I learned a valuable lessen and just hate that Doug had to lower me quite a bit on the descent of the approach down the gully and SLOWLY accompany me out.  Advise: stay center on pitch 2 with these conditions.