October Options

Submitted by samh on Fri, 10/22/2010 - 15:58

I'm shooting for at least one ski day in twelve consecutive months this year so need to get October turns.  If we get some snow this weekend (forecast is promising) I'm looking for some suggestions regarding couloirs that are likely to hold some windblown snow preferably over a pack of year-round snow base.  I've skiied The Great One twice this summer already and am hoping for something different.  I scoped the Blaze last weekend and although I'm sure it's all ice right now the snowfield was very lengthy and prominent.  Other suggestions? 

The Great One, August, 2010

It snowed like mad crazy a few days after I first posted here and I got a couple days off The Ridge up at Bridger.  Did one a dawn patrol "in-bounds" on Bronco and did another day-long trip to a line skiiers-left of The Apron.  The first day was spectuacular powder but the second was wet, mashed potatoes.