Submitted by wyoclimb on Sun, 11/28/2010 - 13:18

Any one out there got any onfo about blue and green gully? in or not and climbable? Any information would be greatly appreciated!




I am certain both Blue and Green will be in great conditions. However the road is probably impassable thanks to the nuclear winds we experienced over Thanksgiving. The rancher will need to plow out the bottom lane and the hill and flats leading into the trees are probably a mess as well. And, said winds have probably raised the avalanche hazard on the routes as well.


 Checked out Blue and Green Gullys today.  Apparently contrary to what the condition of the road is usually (my first time up there), it's mellow until you get to the trees after the hill.  Once in the trees, its was deep, sticky snow - barely passable in my 4WD Toyota pickup without chains; I had to dig out a few times on the way out.  Green looked climbable (though nothing like the picture in the guidebook), although right at the top it looked very thin with a snice-crust.  Blue was almost entirely covered with snow, so I couldn't really tell what was going on underneath.  The snow pack seemed stable:  knee to thigh postholing in the avy run-outs below the climbs.  I never felt any buried wind-slab layers, nor much evidence of drifting.  No avalanche evidence other than a few big rollers that must have started from snow dropped from trees or the cliff.  

the snow in pine creek was kinda thin-cover, hoary and soaking wet with lots of new moisture coming in the form of gropple and freezing rain yesterday (1/17), but east of paradise was in great shape with no avy threat and thunker ice.  it's probably the fattest that I've ever seen it form -- highly recommended right now.  the succubus is also huge at the moment.