Sand Dune

Submitted by mmcneil on Thu, 12/22/2011 - 22:59

Anyone know if Sand Due is in? 

I was up the East Rosebud over New Years. I didn't go to Sand Dune Falls but you can see it (sorta) from the road if you know where to look. That is, you can see the route behind a large evergreen tree. There appears to be quite a lot of blue ice so it looks to me like it's there. It gets little to no sun so I'm sure it's worth an effort. Onward.

Went up yesterday.  The route was in challenging shape, but big and stable.  There was evidence that someone was there the day before me.  Good to know it is getting some travel.

The major thing to look for is if you can cross the stream on the approach. It usualy has to be realy cold for it to freeze over enough to walk across. Good luck!