Ski Mountaineering Partners

Submitted by C-Ebeling on Fri, 02/24/2012 - 22:39

This Forum appears to be long since dead but i will give it a shot anyway.  I am an experienced backcountry skier in Bozeman and I'm looking for partners to do some ski mountaineering with this spring.  There are many targets in the Beartooths, Absarokas, Northern Gallatins, and Madison Ranges.  Single day and 2-4 day missions. I have a fairly flexible schedule and am looking for someone who is motivated and not flaky.  I know ya'll exist somewhere around bozeman, hit me up.

-Chris Ebeling


What do you have in mind?  I have experience and have been going 50 months strait in this time i have knocked off  June, crazy couioir and echo peak to name a few i am interested in finding someone who would like to get after a few more phone # five 3 nine 94seven 8.