FREE Vasque Super Alpinista boots 8.5M

Submitted by Pudner on Sun, 03/18/2012 - 14:49

I recently replaced my boots so this pair of Vasque Super Alpinista boots is now FREE for the taking. Men's size 8.5 Used and loved for four seasons, these aren't pretty. But they'll do the job if you're new to ice climbing or just want to save some money. They've climbed all over the country in all types of conditions and still have a little life left if you take care of them. 

The catch? The rand is starting to crack but a coat of Freesole/Seamgrip/whatever might help slow the process. Also, the inside soles are starting to detach from the boot, but again - you could either use some FreeSole and clamps to glue it back down or take it to a place like Carter's boot repair ($20 repair).

If you're in Bozeman and want to check them out, let me know. I just want to make some space in my closet. FREE!