Found GoPro and BD ski poles during Ice Fest (December 5-9, 2012)

Submitted by LizLayne on Fri, 01/04/2013 - 22:06

 GoPro Hero 2 in a blue stuff sack with Mammut headlamp and energy gel. Two photos from camera posted below.

A pair of BD ski poles, silver and red, black grips with no straps.

Single BD ski pole red and black with duct tape, grips are orange/black, strap is grey/black strip.

email or call 4oh6-57nine-four3six4.


Im not a super seluth, it appears that the items you found belong to the guys further dowm on the list that posted loosing gear poles in particular I believe one guy "Ramos" lost a pole with orange duct tape on it. maybe it is his?