Anyone know anything about the rescue this weekend?

Submitted by sfotex on Mon, 02/13/2006 - 09:40
Heard on the news that two climbers were rescued early this morning after being hit with ice around Missoula? Anyone have any more info?

Injured ice climber rescued from ledge in Mission Mountains By The Associated Press MISSOULA -- An ice climber was rescued by helicopter Monday morning after falling 60 feet down an embankment and spending the night on a narrow ledge in the Mission Mountains. Andrew Endris, 23, of Cape Cod, Mass., was climbing near Mission Falls, east of St. Ignatius, Sunday afternoon when he fell down the embankment and broke his leg, Lake County Sheriff Bill Barron said. Endris, a University of Montana student, was climbing with a friend, John Smiley of Missoula. It was not known if the two were roped together, as is common in high-altitude ice climbing, Barron said. But Endris fell first, and Smiley fell on top of him. Smiley, who was not injured, hiked to cell phone range and called for help around 6 p.m. Sunday. A seven-person Flathead Search and Rescue team hiked in after dark and contacted Endris, who was lying on a rocky ledge at an elevation of about 7,200 feet. "What I have been told is that because of the fellow's injuries ... the rescuers didn't feel comfortable pulling him out on the litter with ropes," said Tom Snyder, Flathead Search and Rescue coordinator. "So they made the call to spend the night and get him flown out in the morning." Barron said rescuers maintained voice contact with Endris throughout the night. "He was in real good condition," Barron said. "He had warm clothing, and he was able to make it through the night with no problem. He knew there were people and things in progress to get him off the mountain." A Malmstrom Air Force Base helicopter from Great Falls arrived about 9 a.m. and had Endris off the ledge by 9:30. The UH-1N "Huey" flew Endris to the Missoula airport, and from there, he was taken by ambulance to St. Patrick Hospital. Endris remained at St. Patrick Monday night and was listed in stable condition.

ALmost none of this information is true. That cop should be let go! If you want the deal, read the latest article in the Missoulian. This is just wrong. A pillar clapsed on a couple of climbers after they were done climbing. There was no fall. They were not roped together. -

Ice climber fills in details of mishap near St. Ignatius By JOHN STROMNES of the Missoulian POLSON - One of two ice climbers involved in a weekend accident told the Missoulian on Tuesday that contrary to preliminary reports, neither climber fell in the mishap - which left one man with a broken leg, spending a long, cold night waiting to be rescued. ?Neither of us were climbing at the moment of the accident. It was at the end of the day and we were getting ready to go home,? said John Smiley of Missoula, who was climbing with his friend, Andrew Endris, 23, of Cape Cod, Mass. Both are experienced climbers and were equipped with crampons. Late Sunday afternoon, an ice chunk landed on Endris' leg, injuring it above the knee. He could not walk, but was not bleeding or in shock. Although Smiley was beside Endris, he was not hit by the ice. ?I figured it was an injury to the femur, and there was no way I could have climbed out of there with him,? Smiley said Tuesday. ?I stayed with him for 25 minutes. He was coherent, he was level-headed, so I decided it was only a mile and a half out, he'd need more help and I could get out fine. I got him on top of a backpack pack and gave him my jacket.? Smiley hiked out to within a quarter-mile of the trailhead below Mission Falls east of St. Ignatius, where he established cell-phone contact. It was about 4 p.m. when he called Lake County 9-1-1. A St. Ignatius ambulance responded to the trailhead, and other search-and-rescue teams from Lake and Flathead counties were also summoned. Because of terrain, ice and other issues, rescuers were not able to reach Endris before dark. He spent an uncomfortable night, but did not suffer frostbite or other harm, his friend said. On Monday morning, a rescue helicopter reached him and Endris was taken to a Missoula hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery from the broken leg, Smiley said. Initial reports - from law enforcement - that Smiley had fallen on top of Endris, possibly breaking his leg, were inaccurate, he said. Neither man was climbing when the accident occurred. The time and other details in initial reports provided by the Lake County Sheriff's Office were also inaccurate. Smiley said both he and Endris were grateful for the help extended by the agencies and volunteers involved in the rescue, including Flathead Search and Rescue's ice-rescue team and the helicopter and crew provided by Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls. Reporter John Stromnes can be reached at 1-800-366-7186 or at

[quote="tq"]Why couldn't his partner have dragged him out since it was only a mile n a half? Who gets stuck paying the bill? If anyone knows id like to hear about it...[/quote] [quote]?I figured it was an injury to the femur, and there was no way I could have climbed out of there with him,? Smiley said Tuesday. [/quote] [quote]Because of terrain, ice and other issues, rescuers were not able to reach Endris before dark.[/quote] That and the fact that they used a helicopter for the rescue points to the fact that the terrain was pretty rough (I've never been in the area, so I don't know), that, and you wouldn't move someone with a suspected broken femur.... Seems like this was a 'real' accident and the fact that the patient was able to wait it out until the morning when it was safer for rescuers shows that they were well prepared.. Who pays for it? Taxpayers and the SAR volunteers...