Website update

Submitted by jimurl on Mon, 11/26/2007 - 14:57
HI everybody, It's that time of year again- a little later this time around. Warm weather and no snow made October and most of November pretty weak for ice around here- except for the Sphinx- which looked fat! I have been upgrading and screwing around with the website a bit. A couple of changes: POST ORDER - you may notice now that many of the forums list posts with the NEWEST at the top; it used to have the OLDEST post at the top. So if you want to follow the entire thread, start at the bottom. Not all forums have this- e.g. Spray forum is still in regular chronological order. IMAGE UPLOADER - There was a problem where, if you have a space in the name of your image file, it didn't show up in the forum. Fixed now. Sorry about that. Let me know if you see any other oddities, or anything that is messed up, or if you are dying for some nice improvement or modification. I can tell everybody is hovering, waiting to see whose been out and what is formed up, so I have this one important instructional tidbit here: 1) find the "X" on the upper right corner of your browser window, click it to close the window, If using Internet Explorer, click the "Don't Send" button when it tells you that it has crashed. 2) Find the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Click it, then choose either "Shut Down" or "Log Off". 3) Go find your ice climbing gear. It's in the basement under the scuba gear. 4) Put said climbing gear in the back of the car, call up your buddy, and tell him (her) you are coming over. Skip the gore-tex and polypro, just wear those jeans. 5) Drive to Hyalite, or your local ice area. Park car, grab pack, walk to ice. 6) Climb Ice. Belay, if needed .... 7) When you return to town, reverse steps 1 and 2, and tell us how it is. This website is meant to facilitate ice climbing, not replace it. Remember: [b]"CLIMBING IS NOT WORKING" [/b]