Bear Creek

Submitted by jsmiley on Sat, 01/26/2008 - 17:22
Just to let everybody a late start and made it out to Bear Creek for a late afternoon jaunt Saturday...and right near the ice (which is 100 yards from the car) my buddies dog got snapped in a bear trap...ugly and bad...about twenty yards from the picnic tables, where Justin and I had been crossing last year...Robin, Kyle, etc with super careful...f#*n thing had a deer bone wired to the tree behind it and snapped the dogs leg....any info is great but at this point just be careful as there are probably a few i would guess...anyway keep climbing, tis a great winter, sorry for the sour news smiley ps: the ice was a little thin but good

shit dude. sorry to hear that. i hope they catch whoever left the trap out. that sounds like it should be illegal, if it's not already.... who's dog is it?