Finley Mar 14th

Submitted by brett on Sat, 03/15/2008 - 01:30
Thing in between - in but not the best. Mule Palace - mostly all dry tooling until the upper curtain Graineater - fat on top, thin/none on the bottom... bring rock gear for sure. Weedeater - looks really good. recommended by some dudes i saw who just climbed it. daggers - not much goin on. the road is icy and the ruts were deep enough to cause my subie to bottom out a few times. it's muddy down below. hope that helps anyone lookin to head out there. -brett

In case anyone was wondering, yes, there is still ice to be had. All the standard routes are still in, perhaps even fat on top. The road is fine, the trail is very icy, and the nightly freezes should keep this place in fine climbing shape for at least another week. Rock climbing can wait...