Submitted by JoshuaGage on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 09:13

Ben, Ryan and I skied the Hellmouth off of Alex Lowe Peak on Saturday.  It was a memorable descent and snow conditions in the couloir were fantastic.  There were some slopes on the approach that were a little sketch but we were able to avoid them through some strategic wallowing.  Inside the couloir there was a neat thumb of ice that would make for a great climb.  Although maybe not worth a trip in its own, I'd wished we'd had some equipment to climb it before trudging back to the car.  An incredible day considering the dearth of snow that we've had lately.  Easy access via the plowed road up Hyalite and all in the comfort of our own back yard.  Hyalite provides...

Ryan Rapping into the depths

Exciting the coulior.  Ice thumb is barely visible..