Red Lodge

Submitted by baldwin on Sat, 04/04/2009 - 15:42

I skiied a bowl above Rock Creek two days ago.  I skinned up the Hell roaring road for half a mile and then up Misery Creek to the plateau.  I skiied the North Facing edge of the bowl back down to Misery Creek but the runs directly back to the Hell Roaring Road look good also.  This was a super easy approach.  Looks like the beartooths are finnally starting to acculmulate some snow.

Also the beartooth pass gate was open.  I drove up past the first switchback easily and it looked like it was ploughed all the way to the rest area.  But with the recent 40" who knows what condition it will be in.

I now live in Billings and am pysched to meet others for spring and summer skiing in the beartooths.  259-9511