Crazy Mountain Ice Conditions

Submitted by Snarg on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 21:22

Couldn't find the Crazies anywhere else on the site.

Ron and I went out Saturday 12/10/11 and climbed "Duuptakoishe" 160' of ice or so. 5 mile or so walk back up the Rock Creek drainage on the South side of the range. Nice melt freeze flow that is starting to sublimate away. 120' first pitch of 4+, a gully slog and a little 20' pillar of 4ish ice above. You can walk off real easy.


In other news... for conditions concerning any of the other climbs up Cottonwood, Big Timber, or Sweet Grass Creek

go get 'em; I haven't been up any of the other drainages yet this winter...

What a great looking climb! A nice reminder that there is so much more to SW Montana ice than just Hyalite. Love it.