Bozeman Ice Festival Locations

Submitted by JoJo on Tue, 12/10/2013 - 22:20
Hello Everyone, It's that time again - the 17th Annual Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival is upon us. For the first time ever, the festival is now fully incorporated under Friends of Hyalite, a 501c3 dedicated to helping fund the road plowing in winter so we can all enjoy Hyalite Canyon. Everyone needs to check out the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center Advisory. It appears the conditions in Hyalite are more suspect than anyone can remember. Lots of loaded pockets in places one least suspects it or have taken for granted. PLEASE be safe, be smart and be conservative out there. If in doubt, belay across something. I've done it often and don't be shy to break out the rope long before you get to the climb. But more importantly, pay attention to big gullies above you and climbers that might traverse in above you. Okay enough preaching... The Bozeman Ice Festival takes place in Hyalite Canyon December 12-15th. That is this Thursday through Sunday. For those of you interested in avoiding the crowds, we will be holding clinics at the following locations: Genesis (G1) Wall including Lower Greensleeves Amphitheater including Switchback Falls Mummy 2/Scepter Unnamed Wall - either Thrill is Gone to Mousetrap area or the Good Looking One to Magically Delish area but not both. There will be a unique rescue clinic on "The Fat One" on Saturday and no other BIF clinics on Unnamed that day. When parking in the Grotto Falls Parking Lot it is critical we all play nice and park as close as possible during the fest. We are required to maintain an emergency vehicle turn around at all times. Big or long vehicles should try to use the first two overflow lots. Thanks in advance. I personally am deeply grateful for your patience and support of the Bozeman Ice Festival. It is currently the only event or organization donating money to the road plowing fund. And with the Federal RAC grant well gone dry (this paid for almost half the plowing costs the past three years) it's more important than ever we make this the best and most successful fest yet. Thanks for your support of Hyalite and Friends of Hyalite. While in Bozeman, be sure to check out the evening events at the Emerson and the UIAA North American Championships, December 14-15 in the Emerson Lawn. Kind Regards, Joe Josephson

The Bozeman Ice Festival will be at the following locations: The entire G1 Wall from Lower Greensleeves to the Scottish Cliff. The entire Amphitheater including Switchback Falls Unnamed Wall from Good Looking One (which fell down today) to Magically Delish The Fat One - Saturday only. This leave lots of great routes for y'all to jump on. Enjoy and be safe out there everyone! We will NOT be at Mummy 2. Cheers, Joe Josephson