ice in Stillwater?

Submitted by elToro on Wed, 11/14/2007 - 10:58
I am planning to check out the Stillwater drainage during the coming week-end (17-18 nov). Does anybody knows if some of the ice falls have already formed? Thanks, Rod.

Don't count on it. The Stillwater is a wide drainage and very warm relative to everything else in the area. Woodbine is a big flow so only forms in extended cold spells. Nye Falls is a big question mark but probably not in. The routes farther up the valley might be worth a look but if there is anything there they will be thin, mixed and nasty -- which could be very good if it's there or otherwise your gear will enjoy the long walk.

Hi Jojo, Thanks for the info, effectively it does not seem worth all the travel for just a hike... Best, Rod.

If you are keen on burning gas and hiking this weekend, the East Rosebud might be worth a look. It's doubtful that California Ice is in but Spaghetti Falls might be. Ice Dragons should be good too. Also, both sides of the valley between Elk Lake and East Rosebud tends to get random melt-freeze things. Since the big fire in 96 there are fewer trees to soak up the ground moisture (or at least that is my theory) so there are often nice looking pitches in wierd places that may or may not link up into something worthwhile.

It is like JoJo said, a big wide valley. The road into the west fork is not very good. I took my gun for a walk up the west fork of the stillwater, hoping to see some ice or some elk. I saw neither; one set of deer tracks in 12 miles (oneway) and NO ice! I went up to the Breakneck meadows and beyond about a mile and half. I dont even know if its accessible now. The wind event that happened the day I was in there (ie 90mph gusts) was blowing over trees EVERYWHERE. The terrain started to look better after you rounded the corner at the meadows. If you are really an explorer who knows what you might find if you hiked up into those lakes up nearer the plateau. Happy hunting, Olin

I climbed Woodbine Falls this morning. There were some big open areas (probably typical with the stream volume) with flowing water, but they were able to be skirted without going in the drink. If cool weather persists it should stay together, but it is at a pretty low elevation and it has a big flow. Here is a pic of the falls. (my climbing partner is standing on the ice block at the base for scale). [img][/img]

went up to woodbine yesterday (sat jan 26th) made it to the top by 10:30 fell through the hole on the way down and watched a major chunk fall off around the hole while we were standing at the base the ice was good with an easy start, the upper falls also looked very nice but we didnt get to partake. o ya the dog soloed the first 70ft.