Cooke city area conditions 11/27

Submitted by northwestern on Thu, 11/27/2008 - 20:52

We were in the region over the past few days:

In Silver gate, the town flows are sort of in. Climbed left, but center and right looked too thin.

Park gate ice flow is looking in, but we didn't go in to see.

Baronette falls: first pitch is "sort of" in. We made it up by avoiding the first 30 feet, which show obvious running water under thin ice. Second pitch in. Third pitch out but trying. Mixed pitch to left of normal third pitch is climbable with thin ice.

Dancing with the hippo looked in two days ago, but this morning appears that it is missing a section near the top.

Hydromonster is out.

Marlboro madness looks thin. Didn't go in.

Most of the routes on baronette are trying but not yet making contact with the ground.

Generally looks like the area caught the warm weather a couple of weeks ago, and is recovering. Cold at night (about 10 F) but downright balmy in the daytime sun.

Silver Creek Falls on Jan. 8th

Climbers should continue to warrant high caution of avalanche hazard, being especially leery of gullies and terrain traps.

Also, would like to note that Silver Gate Lodging is open for operation this winter with discounts for local climbers and skiers.   (406) 838-2371.  


Doug Chabot and I are going to get together soon and put together a list of routes with no, or at least little, avalanche hazard. We will post it here on Montana Ice. The climb pictured here, Silver Falls West, is certainly one of them (although there could be some hazard from the slopes in the canyon getting to it). Hydromonster, the route on the cover of "Winter Dance" is one of the only other safe routes in the Cooke City area. But back to Silver Falls West, that mixed route to the right is LONG over due for an ascent. I put it at the top of the list of unclimbed plums out there. There could be two or three variations to start that rig. Looks phenomenal. Get after it someone!