Silver Creek Falls

Submitted by JoJo on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 10:51

Anyone been into Silver Creek Falls lately? Any reports on conditions of the ice? the approach?

Thanks in advance.

Hey JoJo,

Mark and I went down there last week.  The climb was fully in but a bit sketch as it was pure slush.  One of the screws I placed actually melted out, slide down the rope and hit Mark in the helmet as he was following it.  Easy climbing but no good gear.  It would probably better now as it was really warm and sunny that day, however the bubble of ice near the top was getting pretty thin.  The approach was super chill on skis or snowshoes.  The climbs on the other side that face north looked to be in great shape.



Went down to cook on Saturday with Mike and Mark and climbed Silver Falls.  The approach is great right now as cook hasn't gotten much snow.  That day they did get about 8 inches and we saw a few slides on the opposite side of the canyon.  The falls are in great shape with the bottom cone extending almost halfway up the climb. Dancing with a hippo (looks huge) and Baronet falls is the biggest I've ever seen it.