Summer 2007 Conditions

Submitted by hellenga_gary on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 14:55
Am looking for any recent info on high peak conditions? Our family hiked to Mystic Lake 6/24, and I went up to about 9,700' on the way up to Froze-To-Death Plateau, but didn't get where I could see the route across FTD toward Tempest. We're trying to find out how much snow is left, how soft the snow is, and whether we should carry snowshoes next weekend when we head up to Granite.

We climbed Granite yesterday (7/2). Froze To Death had significant water saturation, but most snow is melted off. Postholed a bit going across snowfields that were too big to go around. Water at upper crossing of switchbacks over the creekbed is becoming hard to access - fill up at one of the first 3-4 switchbacks. Snow bridge is about 100 feet long at this point. Crampons useful for early morning crossing.