Finley and Lake Como ice

Submitted by infinitymountain on Sun, 12/02/2007 - 22:09
Finley now has some ice opportunities. Grain Eater and Weed Eater look thin but climable. The Thing in Between is topropeable with a few rock moves. Dan, John, and I hiked in to Lake Como to check out the ice there. There was some but it needs more time to form.

Hopped on The Thing- still partially a mixed climb but the ice had some nice color to it. It was thin up top and has a ways to go but was lots of fun. The second pitch of the graineater and foxes corner looked in but the first pitches are practically non-existent. It warmed up a lot throughout the morning the ice was deteriorating as we left.

Dan and I climbed up in Finley yesterday, the 13th. Although the Thing in Between is frequently wet, don't mistake flowing water for deteriorating conditions, Adze; in fact, we climbed late in the day, after you left, I think, and we found dry, maybe even brittle conditions at times on the first pitch of Grain Eater and especially fat conditions on the second pitch of the Fox Corner. The first pitch of the Fox Corner looks climbable also, with a thin smear pulled half way down the pitch. Of course, rock pro abounds. We didn't walk over to the Daggers area, but it looked to be coming in nicely. Here are some photos so you folks can decide for yourself. [img]…] [img]…]

Went to Finley both Sunday and Monday....conditions were good...and the road is in good shape...even Harhi's bald (and in need of replacement haha) tires got up...good climbing both days...nice pix there lyric..seems to be a good winter ahead

hey j, You didn't happen to get on the first pitch of the Fox Corner, did you? It was kind of warm there for a second and I thought it might have come down. What's the latest?

Climbed the first pitch of Fox Corner today, which has ice all the way down, though it is thin. Bring stubbies and rock gear for it, I found tri-cams useful. The second pitch is about as fat as it gets, come and get some. Graineater is thinner than last week, we did the second pitch. The right hand pillar now has a fracture all across the base of it, so be careful. Weedeater also looked very fat.

Hey Dan, Thanks for posting an update. I was looking to get the conditions report on that first pitch of the Fox. It was like no one saw me ask the question. Weird.

Went out this morning before work. Weedeater was a bit brittle, but I think I took care of that. The conditions are great, and I was shocked to see no tracks on the road or trail from the past couple of days... Its all in. The Fox corner still looked easy, and the Daggers seems to be in for those who really want some. The road is ideal, though someone with a chain saw should take out that low hanging, half fallen tree...