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This will serve as an archive of new routes in Montana, all collected in one place. This forum is mainly for browsing around- don't post your new route here- instead post it in the appropriate forum above, and we'll create a copy in this forum.

New Routes In Plains/Paradise Area

Submitted by theblythlyway on Sat, 03/26/2011 - 15:17


All of the following climbs are visible and access able from the roads surrounding Plains.  Some Private property access issues, but if you stop and ask folks are pretty amiable.  Only really issue is if the temperature will allow the climbs to form and stick around.  Seems like they are all doable for a week or two at a time throughout an average season, but when exactly that week might be is hard to say.


Above Paradise School  WI3 M2 Jeremy Blyth and Tom Collins Jan 2011

1 new route on Hangover Headwall

Submitted by verticalpope on Sun, 01/30/2011 - 10:12

Bourbon Tan M8+ 

FA Craig Pope, Marko Pujic 55m

Location: 250 ft right of Hangover.  

Start in the Overhanging Bombay chimney to thin smear on left side of chimney.  Climb through 4 bolts on the roof, to thin ice and natural gear, (25m).  Look for a bolted anchor/rap station to the right before starting the last 30 m to slings on a small, but solid tree.  Rappel to Anchors on right, (full 30 m rap), then rappel the chimney. 




Submitted by HectorVictorious86 on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 13:07

heads up on cold forged steel above Ainger Lake in the Northern Bridgers!! Nesting Peregrine falcons will take your eyes!!! Please avoid climbing this route and maybe adjecent ones during july15-aug31 not just to respect the nesting birds(which are a vital part of our ecosystem) but so you don't get seriously injured(2 1/2 inch talons and beak @ 150 miles per hour sound fun?)


The Bird

West Rosebud - across the way from the Mystic Lake trailhead

Submitted by moonwalker44 on Mon, 04/13/2009 - 14:25

This weekend we went up to West Rosebud intending to check out the Spillway when my buddy spotted some ice across the way, just left (east) of the Power Tower and it looked good so the next day we checked it out. We went up two falls, a lower one at WI2 and the upper at WI3+. The lower one, which we called 'Anticipation', is two short falls with some snow in between. It looked as if earlier in the season they would be taller, but it was deep deep snow at the base. From the bottom of Anticipation we stretched a full rope length pitch to the couloir above.