Hyalite freezing over yet or too early

Submitted by ryanm on Tue, 11/11/2014 - 21:08
I don't live in town anymore so I cannot just head up and check but is Hyalite getting climbable? Anyhow too share what I know is that in Lander its too cold to sport climb right now, coldfear.com reports some ice in up there, and last week Louise Lake, WY (Dubois) was pretty far from climbable.

The season is definitely on. I only have a few observations but here they are: G2, Hangover, and Upper Green Sleeves are better shape (thicker, solid, and overall easier ice) than average. G1 can already accommodate 3-4 ropes. Alpha & Omega, as viewed from the dam, look climbable. Palisade Falls is very well filled in. The Fat One is... fat. I am sure many more climbs are good.

Twin Falls left and right are in. Mummy II is in. Scepter is in for the superhumans out there. Mummy III (first photo) is climbable and has ice but if 'in' is when you can use screws to protect it, then its not in. Mummy IV (second photo) is growing and the top half is thick but the bottom is just a bunch of chandeliers that arent touching down. If the bottom becomes more uniform/stronger, it will go. Us and the party ahead of us didnt attempt it. Crypt Orchid is in. Feeding the Cat is in. Comet is in. Asteroid is in but thin. Horsetail Falls is in (last photo).

I spent the day up at Twin Falls and it looks like Dribbles, Over Easy, Curtains, Silken Slot, and several others I don't know the name of around that area are all in good shape and climbable. Cleo's is about half way down. The snow up to Twin was very wet and and quite thin. There is a good boot trail up to Cleo's. Twin was wet on the right and drier on the left. All the ice was plenty thick and would accept about any ice screw you wanted to place in it.