Hyalite Conditions

Submitted by Baker on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 21:06

Checkin on conditions



Main Fork:

All the standard Routes in the Genesis area are still great, albeit a bit picked out.

Amphitheatre Climbs are in and Fun, along with Mummy 2 and Scepter and all the routes right of these climbs.

Unnamed (Hyalite) Wall is still climbing fairly well. Elevator shaft is dry and fun. Fat one is Fat. Thrill is Gone looks like it would bring quite the thrill right now, and I certainly wouldn't get on it with any sun touching it. Come and Get it and Andam's new route right look like they are still climbing well.

Overeasy, Curtains, Land of Lost all look great.

Responsible has been pretty thin down low all season and from the Base of Cleos looks like the start of the ice has broken off.

Dribbles is being climbed, however, I just heard yesterday that folks on it last week experienced really hollow climbing with some large cracks. Silken Falls is great and Alex in Wonderland's second pitch looks great and I am sure the first pitch is still a sporty mixed climb.

Cleos is still doing well (the start is pretty thin) but the pillar is aweseom! Twin is also still great.


Alpha/Omega - Alpha is in, Omega is barely touching. Palisade.....not sure but probably sun baked/delaminated at the top.

The Champagne Climbs are awesome right now, as is High Crimes. Code Red is also great right now.

Not sure of the climbs further up the canyons but hope you have fun!

For anyone looking to get off the Beaten path all the ice on the south side of Palace Butte are looking Blue and tasty!!