Hyalite conditions

Submitted by Baker on Sun, 02/16/2014 - 18:04
Checking on conditions for Cleo's, scepter and thrill is gone. Thanks Jason

96 reads and no reply. I'd help you out Jason but Garblondo only climbs in Flanders. Why do you think MontanaIce.com so quite these days?

3.14.14: Climbed G2, fat. Golden Mean is pretty much gone. Tried Through Four More, not touching down, broke several feet off the bottom. Then went and climbed Hangover, so fat it feels a full grade easier. 3.15.14: Climbed The Dribbles, excellent! A whole lot better than expected. Cleos looks great from across the valley. Thrill is Gone might be pretty thin, i.e. I couldnt see any ice in the lower half of it (from across the valley). If you havnt been up there recently, the road leaves something to be desired. After this new snow (3.17.14), I recommend a 4wd.