Routes - Upper Flanders

Submitted by MtnManMatt on Mon, 12/14/2009 - 10:44

Had a great time during the Ice Fest despite the temps and snow conditions, thanks to all the organizers who persevered through the difficult circumstances.  During one of my days out, myself (Matt Steen), BrumBrown (Kevin Brumbach), and Nate Robinson went up to Upper Flanders to get Nate out on his first ice.

After doing Red Dog we traversed over to Flanders Field and spotted an unknown climb in the chimney/gulley immediately left.  It's marked by a ~15m chimney start followed by some gully wallowing to a large chockstone about 3/4 of the way up and a yellow ice flow at the top.  Kevin and I climbed 70m to the bench above Flanders Field and were able to rappel with 60s.

Two days later we returned to climb Flanders Field and another unknown route accessed by the initial rock chimney.  After climbing the chimney we followed a flow of thin ice to the right of the gully, finishing at the bench above Flanders Field in ~65m.  This route climbs similar to Champagne Slot (thin with some vertical steps) although is probably slightly harder.

We found an old piece of cord around a small chockstone in the chimney so one or both of these climbs may have been done before, however there were no anchors on any trees at the top.  Has anyone seen/heard/done these lines before?

With Fact or Flander (not in), Flanders Field, "Butterflies on Tears" (not in -, and "In Through the Out Door" ( this part of Upper Flanders has a high concentration of climbs making the hike worthwhile.  Here are some pics of the routes we climbed...

1. Fact or Flander

2. Flanders Field

3. In Through the Out Door

Arrows mark the two unknown routes we did sharing the chimney start.